We are One United


We are One United

Date: 8/25/2016

Now that we have a ratified and signed contract, we must operate as one union to implement/enforce our contract and address all of the issues that matter to all of us at work. The Master Executive Council (MEC) structure is central to our union because it ensures that your directly-elected leaders of our union can coordinate through one body to address our issues with management and provide support for each other at work. This structure is fundamental to any union because it allows us to use the power and influence of our collective voices to protect our jobs and advance our goals.
On September 6, 2016 the three pre-merger MECs will be called together for a Special Meeting to merge the MECs and address all of the necessary transition issues associated with doing so. The meeting is open to active members in good standing.
September 6, 2016 Special Meeting
10:30 am – 6:00 pm
First Floor CWA Conference Room at
501 Third Street, NW / Washington, DC

In our union only your directly-elected Local Council Presidents can make decisions that affect us, serving as the voting members of the MEC. Local Council Presidents also elect MEC Officers who serve to coordinate our collective voice and interface with management on the issues that affect us across the system.

The first step in merging the MEC is to elect MEC Officers: President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer. All active members in good standing are eligible to run for office, although these positions are not entry level and AFA-CWA experience is essential. Our Constitution and Bylaws Article VII covers the duties and responsibilities of the MEC President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer.

The September 6th Special Meeting will begin with elections of MEC Officers to fill the remaining partial term of office. The process begins at the meeting with Local Council presidents nominating candidates for each position, followed by a review of candidates and a vote. Those interested in running for an MEC Officer position must submit a willingness to serve to the AFA-CWA Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Creighan at kcreighan@afanet.org. Willingness to Serve letters and resumes of interested candidates will be posted on a dedicated page on OurContract.org within 24 hours of receipt or the next business day.

Once elections are completed, the newly merged MEC will discuss other issues of importance such as merging of budgets, committee roles to address different scheduling, grievance or other provisions unique to each pre-merger group up to the point of full integration. The merged MEC will ensure committee experts remain in place to enforce all contractual provisions in effect.
Combined Local Council Election Schedule

Section X.E.1.e. requires that “Local Councils at those bases where a duplication of Councils exists” will have elections to combine the Councils within 90 days of the “signing of a merged working agreement.” In order to combine the Councils, elections must take place including all members in the location. The following locations have duplicate Councils and will conduct elections according to the schedule listed below.

Mail: 10-3-16
Open: 10-5-16 (EWR, DCA/IAD, LAX)
Open: 10-6-16 (IAH, ORD, DEN, SFO)
Close: 10-25-16 (EWR, DCA/IAD, LAX)
Close: 10-26-16 (IAH, ORD, DEN, SFO)

Mail: 11-14-16
Open: 11-16-16 (EWR, DCA/IAD, LAX)
Open: 11-17-16 (IAH, ORD, DEN, SFO)
Close: 12-13-16 (EWR, DCA/IAD, LAX)
Close: 12-14-16 (IAH, ORD, DEN, SFO)

The new term of office will begin on 1/1/2017. More information will be posted after the September 6, 2016 meeting.

We will build Our United future together – taking care of each other and working together to address any issues we face or making the most out of any opportunities before us. We are one airline. We are one union. We are one.

Pay Rates Implementation

The new pay rates will take effect for the September schedule month. Flight Attendants will receive paychecks with the new rates according to current pay check schedules. The timing of paychecks are on different schedules for each group and this will not be harmonized until later in the contract implementation process.

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Merged Seniority List Implementation

Upon ratification of the contract, AFA delivered the merged seniority list to United. The company is in the process of implementing the merged seniority list, which includes training date adjustments and restoration of seniority for pre-merger CMI and United cross-overs who were working under a current Crossover Letter of Agreement. (Includes a 2008 CMI crossover agreement in addition to all of the crossover agreements in place since the 2010 merger.)

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Access to Merged Seniority List

The merged seniority list is now available. If you have not done so, you can log in here to view the merged list. When logging in, remember to drop the U from the front of your employee number.

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